Why choose Active Financial Services?

Our Objective

At Active Financial Services we understand that money in isolation may not be your priority. However, living free from financial worry is critical if you want a life that excites you, that helps you look after those you love and care for, and enables you to achieve your heart’s desire.  Our aim is to work with you to make sure this is achieved.

Better Understanding


Financial planning is a very complex area requiring years of study and experience.  As a client, you don’t need to know all about the industry, but you do need to know and understand what has been recommended for you, why your adviser has selected a particular strategy and what are the benefits and risks associated with their advice.

We believe it is important we spend time with you so we can better understand what you are trying to achieve, how you feel about the markets, which investments you are more comfortable with, do you have any fears, or are you prepared to accept extra risk in order to meet your goals.

Because we have a better understanding of your situation, we can formulate strategies and tailor a plan we believe meets your specific needs.  We also take the time to make sure you fully understand what we are recommending and why we believe it provides the best outcome for you.

Greater Involvement


Active Financial Services believe that an informed investor is better than a passive investor.  To this end we prefer you to be actively involved in the decision making process and the ongoing management of your portfolio.  Areas of our advice can be influenced if your circumstances or goals change and an integral part of the solution is your involvement in the decision making processes.  This way we can ensure we are all working together to achieve your goals.

Honest Delivery


Before engaging our services we will discuss broad strategies with you and provide a written quote for our initial advice.  This quote is based on the scope of work to be undertaken, the complexity of your financial position and the strategies we may employ.  At the end of this stage we will provide you with a Plan that will be comprehensive enough for you to implement the recommendations yourself, or alternatively you can engage us to undertake this work on your behalf and provide ongoing portfolio planning for you.

At every step of the way, and before you engage us, you know exactly what costs, if any, are involved so you can make a fully informed decision. Active Financial Services prides itself on its open fee process, our honest delivery and the level of transparency we provide.

Active Management


Economic and legislative changes have had a major impact on your financial situation and possibly on your living standards and lifestyle as well.  Wherever possible, we actively manage and review your investments to keep future negative impacts to a minimum.  We achieve this by constantly reviewing underlying strategies, keeping abreast of legislative changes, analysing economic circumstances, researching both fund managers and asset allocations.  We also adopt long term strategic management together with short term tactical advice to gain the best financial outcomes for you.

Fee for Value


At Active Financial Services our preference is to provide advice on a ‘fee for value’ basis.  This means you only pay for our professional knowledge, the work undertaken and the strategic advice provided - not a fee or percentage based on the amount of money you have to invest.

However, we acknowledge that sometimes clients may prefer a commission based arrangement and we are open to discussing this with you.

In some instances, the financial services industry still pays commissions to advisers for investment advice – in these instances we rebate any commission we receive to you, or if this is not possible, we offset any commission we receive against the costs of providing your advice each year.

Before engaging our services you will be provided with a written quote based on the scope of work we will perform and the complexity of your financial position and the strategies we recommend. 

Team Approach


Our portfolio planners have a wide range of expertise and experience and we find by pooling that experience clients are not limited to any one adviser’s solutions.  We meet regularly to discuss legislative changes, economic forecasts and strategies. 

We have an investment committee that meets regularly to ensure our model portfolios remain up to date and appropriate in terms of risk and returns as well as short and long term tactical asset allocations. 

Our systems and process have been uniquely designed to ensure that another adviser can step up to the mark if your usual adviser is not available.

All of this is designed to ensure the best strategic advice is provided.

Maximise Opportunities


At Active Financial Services we believe it is critical that we stay abreast of all potential changes.  Our research team provides regular updates on tax or industry changes as well as providing planning and strategies that will enable our clients to gain the maximum benefits from opportunities as they present themselves.

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