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Our ServicesAreas of assistance:


  • Setting up the funds trust deed and completing the trustee declaration requirements (required by all trustees).
  • Establishing the SMSF Investment Strategy to ensure the fund meets the needs of all of its members (required by all funds).
  • Assessing the viability, costs and benefits of rolling over your current superannuation into an SMSF.


  • Ongoing compliance support to ensure sure your fund is compliant and meets the current regulation and legislative regime.
  • Compliance reviews and monitoring the funds dealings to ensure everything is in accordance with the trust deed & SIS legislation.
  • Assistance with general superannuation regulative and legislative changes and updates.

Day to day maintenance

  • Ongoing communication with your accountant, administrator, lawyer or professional third party  to assist in managing your fund.
  • Providing a one stop Mailing House facility by receiving mail relating to your fund.
  • Maintaining accurate financial records to facilitate completing the annual tax return including assistance with the calculations of capital gains and/or losses.
  • Providing ongoing administrative assistance to relieve the burden throughout the year and at tax reporting time.
  • Managing communications, correspondence and general paperwork associated with your underlying investments.
  • Providing advice on any corporate actions.
  • Provide consolidated reports to your accountant and/or administrator.
  • Unlimited Telephone support.
  • Access to online portfolio reporting system and the provision of performance reports.
  • Quarterly fund performance reporting and detailed investments reports, and year-end market valuation report to ensure your fund is performing as expected.

Investment and strategic advice

  • Year-round assistance with investment and strategic advice.
  • Superannuation contribution strategies to maximise salary sacrifice, government co-contributions and spouse contribution tax offsets where appropriate.
  • The costs and benefits associated with retirement, pension and transitional strategies.
  • Assistance with pension and or Lump Sum calculations, establishment and documentation.
  • Investment recommendations, to ensure the fund maximises its potential performance, transparency and flexibility. The investments can be a diversified portfolio of cash, fixed interest including term deposits, direct shares, listed & direct property, managed funds, electronic traded funds, wine, gold etc.
  • Borrowing for property purchases within superannuation and liaising with the necessary third parties, including the bank.
  • Assistance with concessional and non-concessional contributions caps and their tax components to avoid penalty interest costs and to minimise personal tax paid.
  • Provide appropriate personal insurance recommendations where required.
  • Provide estate planning and/or beneficiary nominations advice.


  • Assistance with recording benefit payments & their tax components.
  • Assistance with the maintenance of member fund information.
  • Preparation of financial data for Income Tax Return.
  • Assistance with the preparation of minutes & resolutions of trustee/member meetings.
  • Assistance with pension and or Lump Sum calculations, establishment and documentation.
  • Liaison with ATO in the event of an SMSF review or audit.
  • Assistance with the preparation of Financial Statements.
  • Help with the arranging for independent audit of the fund (completed by an external auditor) & liaising with such auditor.
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