Active Self Managed Super Funds

Active Self Managed Super Funds

  • 1. Greater flexibility

    The power of a SMSF is that you can invest in a vast array of different direct investments, including shares, property and even wine and art!
  • 2. Greater transparency

    Knowing where your superannuation monies are invested and what the underlying performance is.
  • 3. Greater control of fees and charges

    It is important that you obtain ‘value for money’ and a key benefit of a SMSF is the ability to manage administration and management costs.
  • 4. Exclusive strategies

    SMSF can take advantage of broader strategies not easily available through normal superannuation channels. This includes borrowing to invest, enhanced trustee discretion, family superannuation funds and estate planning.
  • 5. Faster transaction times

    You can reduce the time it takes to transact and transfer funds making a SMSF more efficient and effective.
  • 1. Personalised advice and guidance

    Active Self Managed Super Funds Australia is a boutique specialist SMSF manager focusing on qualified and tailored advice to clients. We have the expertise and professional “know-how” to assist trustees to put the right strategies in place while helping to make sure their legal responsibilities are met without loss of control or flexibility.
  • 2.Cost Effective & Transparent

    Active Self Managed Super Funds Australia uses ‘tried & proven’ rigorous internal processes and procedures to ensure quality services are consistently delivered. We provide upfront fixed fee structures so you know in advance all the costs associated with your fund. We do not charge by the hour unless specifically requested by you.
  • 3.History and proven track record

    In this specialised area, experience count! We have the skills and many years of experience to help you achieve the right result. Our team have a wide range of experience across accounting, administration, property investment, gearing and insurances, as well as holding tertiary qualifications and appropriate Financial Service Regulation accreditations.
  • 4.Qualified personnel

    Management hold a SMSF Professional Association of Australia Specialist accreditation (SPAA Specialist). This qualification ranks us among the few elite SMSF experts in Perth, Australia.
  • 5.Dynamic service

    We do not restrict you or limit the services of third party providers and welcome working with your trusted accountant, lawyer or mortgage broker to ensure we are all on the same page looking after your interests. Alternatively, we can recommend an experienced professional to help you.

Take Back Control of Your Superannuation!

Self Managed Superannuation Funds in Australia (or DIY Super funds) have become a powerful wealth creation tool over the last 10 years. Many Australians are now maximising their financial future by taking back control of their superannuation and making sure their savings are invested appropriately and cost effectively.

Active Self Managed Super Funds Australia specialise in establishing self managed super funds, borrowing to invest, direct investments, strategies as well as legislative and regulatory advice for clients.

We provide leading industry expertise in SMSF strategies, including borrowing, pensions, transition to retirement and estate planning.

We provide the guidance and reassurance to provide the ‘peace of mind’ that you are meeting your legislative and SIS requirements.

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