Our Process

Active Financial Services has designed its advisory process by calling on our own extensive personal experiences as investors and small business owners, as well as our professional experience as portfolio managers to business owners and individuals.

Our process combines industry leading systems with best practice to provide a robust advice framework that actively manages your risks and improves the overall efficiencies of your wealth creation. We practice the following 6 step process:

Step 1


Initial meeting to get to know you, understand your goals & objectives, and what’s important to you.
We complete a Client Fact Find which details all this information. At the end of this process we discuss general strategies, options and potential costs and obtain your consent to proceed to the next step if you are comfortable with us as your financial consultants.

Step 2


From this, we then analyse your position, goals & objectives. We discuss options, formulate strategies and lock in an action plan. We then pull all of this together for you in a detailed document tailored to make it easy for you to understand your options and the financial rewards.

Step 3


We then present our recommendations and spend with you making sure you fully understand our recommendations and the benefits and answer questions you may have. We then ask you to take the document away to read further, to understand the benefits, discuss matters with people you trust and to be comfortable with our proposal. 

Step 4


Once any questions have been addressed and you are comfortable with moving forward, we then complete all the authorities and applications with you.

Step 5


All applications and supporting documentation is lodged and then tracked to ensure everything is finalised in line with the agreed proposal. We confirm with you in writing as soon as this stage is completed. 

Step 6


Our work has only just begun. From this point on we are continually monitoring your investments, researching new products, watching the effects any legislative changes may have on your strategy and/or goals, managing the ongoing strategic and tactical asset allocations and responding to any additional work you may require. We meet with you at an agreed time to review your situation and update you on your underlying strategies and investment portfolio. If appropriate, we will recommend changes to either your overall strategy or a particular investment. Where practical, we recommend the use of model portfolios which have a proven track record and helps keep your costs down.

Our Process

Scenario Based Lifestyle Planning

With the various lifestyle and financial influences impacting us each day it is sometimes very difficult to determine what direction or option will provide you with your desired outcome. To assist clients, Active Financial Services has developed a method called “Scenario Based Lifestyle Planning”. This unique process will assist you and your family to understand and prioritise your central issues and ultimately enable you to make the right lifestyle choices between today’s goals and tomorrow’s aspirations. We understand that life is about finding the right balance with the maximum confidence and our process has assisted many of our clients.

Our Fee Structure

Active Financial Services is a ‘fee for value’ company where we prefer to charge a flat fee for our services.  You only pay for our professional knowledge and the strategic advice provided, not on the amount of money that you have invested.  In some instances, the financial services industry still pays commissions to advisers for investment advice – in these instances we rebate any commission, or if not available, we offset any received commission against the costs of providing advice each year.

Before engaging our services you will be provided with a written quote based on the scope of work we will perform and the complexity of your financial position and the strategies we will employ.

At the end of each stage in our process, and before you engage us for the next step, you will understand any cost that may be involved so you can make a fully informed decision. Active Financial Services prides itself on its fee process and level of transparency for clients.

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