We are up and running - October 2016


Following on from our update last week, we are happy to inform you we have re-instated our communications at Suite 1, 3 Barker Avenue. Our emails are now working and starting today, it is business as usual. We aim to respond to the back log of emails throughout the day.

Unfortunately, due to the time off-line, some emails from you on Tuesday and Wednesday last week may not have been received by us. You should have received an undeliverable notice for these emails, however we request you resend any email should we not respond by the end of business today. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Without going into specifics, we believe the cause of the issue is due to a miscommunications between the NBN team and  Optus and a related location ID. On Wednesday night we made the decision and took it upon ourselves to put in place a temporary system while we wait for the Optus and the NBN to sort out their differences. To date, we are still running via the temporary solution however we anticipate a smooth transition once Optus and the NBN team are ready later this week.

It is important you know that your personal data has been secure throughout this period and will continue to protected into the future. This is important part and basis for utilising our own temporary solution.

Moving locations always has teething issues, especially when you rely on third parties. Now with the NBN, being a separate company to Telstra and Optus, the potential for issues is amplified.  The good news is we do not plan to again relocated for many years to come!

We thank you for your kind words, support and patience during this period of interrupted communications. We do not expect any further issues moving forward and we look forward to introducing you to our new premises in the near future!

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