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Fee for Value Proposition

About UsThere are three ways people pay for financial advice; via commissions, a flat fee, or a combination of both. At Active Financial Services we provide advice on a ‘fee for value’ basis, so you only pay for our professional knowledge and the strategic advice provided, not on the amount of money that you have invested.

However, at times we acknowledge clients may prefer a commission based arrangement and we are open to discussing this with you.

Our Promise to you


We uphold the Financial Planning Associations (FPA) Code of ethics. All staff observe a high standard of honesty and integrity in the way they conduct our business and employ due skill, care and diligence at all times. We operate with complete honesty and transparency regarding the time spent managing your affairs and the way we charge for that time.


Our main role is to provide high level quality strategic advice. Many large financial institutions and financial advice firms have an ethos where they focus on promoting financial products; however this is a flawed approach. Any product recommendation is the by-product of the financial advice you receive.


We communicate with you regularly whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality. No information is supplied to any third party without your expressed consent, unless required by law.

Integrity and Diligence

We pride ourselves on the high standards of honesty and integrity we bring to the business and always act with due skill, care and diligence.

Active Management

As well as changes to you personal objectives, there are also external forces such as economic and legislative changes impacting your situation. Unlike static financial planning firms, we actively manage and review your investments and your underlying strategies. This means we regularly research current market and asset classes to see which investments, managed funds or shares are the most appropriate for where the markets are heading, rather than where they’ve been. We are always checking for any management or research analyst changes that could have a negative impact on your investments.  We constantly research underlying investments to ensure the risks and returns are fully understood and acceptable.  We stay abreast of legislative changes and are seeking ways to maximise benefits through appropriate strategic advice. Ultimately, we stay in constant touch with you at all times. Our clients feel this active management provides them with greater efficiencies, and helps them reduce turbulence, risk and worry. 

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