Trump Elected - Initial reaction & implications

U.S. Voters wanted change and they now have it. Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the United States with the Republican Party likely retaining control of the House, and probably the Senate. This means President Trump’s policies could have a slim margin of support in Congress.


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We are up and running!

Following on from our update last week, we are happy to inform you we have re-instated our communications at Suite 1, 3 Barker Avenue. Our emails are now working and starting today, it is business as usual. We aim to respond to the back log of emails throughout the day.

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Relocation Update

This update is to let you know that our email system is off-line at present due to issues with NBN at our new location.

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Budget Update - May 2016

2016-17 Federal Budget - 4 May 2016
Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison put forward a number of proposed changes, mainly around contributions to superannuation and taxation, in his budget speech last night.
Here's a brief roundup of what the proposals could mean for you—whether you're starting out in your career, taking care of family, on the cusp of retirement or enjoying life after work.
Remember, proposals are not set in stone and could change as legislation passes through parliament.
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Budget 2013 Update

Analysts say the 2013 Budget measures contained no real surprises and few measures to excite businesses or stimulate the economy and financial markets away from current trend levels. The changes announced are unlikely to change the Reserve Bank's easing interest rate bias, the Australian dollar is expected to react negatively to the large budget deficit announced for 2013/14 and 2014/15, however, a lower dollar in itself should be positive for our export related companies and sectors such as resources.
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Median Wealth in Australia

Earlier this month the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2012 was unveiled, maintaining Australia at the top of the table for global median wealth and second only to Switzerland for average wealth.
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Market Update - October 2012

Global and domestic share markets have been trending upwards over the last few months and have been less in line with the G7 economic growth indictors. What this potentially shows is either investors see opportunity for greater economic activity or alternatively, investors are wrong and the market may see a small correction sometime in the future i.e. further volatility.
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Budget Update May 2012

Active Financial Services welcomes you to the Budget Update 2012 edition. This budget has been called Visionary by some and others have complained too many promises have not been delivered. Hopefully our synopses will help you decide for yourself.
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Binding nominations - making sure it counts!

Our office has recently noticed a number of issues relating to death benefit nominations for superannuation. It is important to know that a superannuation member is unable to include directions in their Will in relation to the distribution of superannuation benefits and may only nominate a beneficiary or legal personal representative (LPR) to receive their superannuation benefits in the event of their death.
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Seasons Greetings - December 2011

We think it is fair to say that 2011 has been a very interesting year, or is that an understatement? Think back to the significant floods across eastern Australia and disruptive cyclones across northern Australian. Coal production in mid-north Queensland was hampered over much of the year while banana production was decimated again in north Queensland. There were earthquakes in New Zealand & Japan. And it wasn?t just an earthquake in Japan, but it precipitated a tsunami and nuclear disaster.
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Market Update - March 2012

This year started on a strong note with significant increases in Australian and Global share markets (relatively speaking). However, investors could be forgiven for getting that "déjà vu all over again" feeling.
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Market Update - August 2011

Events within global markets are concerning for many investors. Despite strong overall returns in the two years to the end of April, share markets globally have fallen sharply on the back of US economic growth concerns, debt issues within the Eurozone and low market confidence in the ability of policymakers...
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Budget Update - May 2011

Active Financial Services welcomes you to the Budget Update 2011 edition. With the end of the financial year fast approaching it has been a very busy time for all the staff at Active. We have recently made some headway updating our...
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