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Market Update - October 2018

Back in February this year we had a share market decline of 10% in the US and 6% in Australia. Over the following month things improved and the market continued to rise again. I wrote at the time that the decline in the market was mainly due to concerns about rising rates in the US and the rapid growth in their market. We expected things to improve and by September the US hit new records and the Australian market hit a ten year high!

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Recent media coverage about AMP - July 2018

Recently there has been much negative media attention on AMP including a Four Corners program on Monday night. The program looked back at the history of AMP and their advice business during and after the recent Royal Commission hearings.

The program covered the topic of ‘fees for no service’ and improper conduct by AMP management and advice network. AMP have admitted they have “let down its customers and are working hard to make significant improvements across the business to ensure our focus is firmly on helping and supporting its customers”.

Active Financial Services has used some AMP products to meet client’s needs (only where appropriate and suitable) and therefore the recent media coverage on Monday will understandably continue to cause concern for some clients.

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Royal Commission - May 2018

The Royal Commission and the impact on you and your portfolio
Two weeks of royal commission hearings into the financial advice sector concluded on Friday with a lengthy closing statement that implicated nearly every institution that gave evidence.
The evidence covered the topics of fees for no service, investment platform fees, inappropriate financial advice, improper conduct by financial advisers, and the disciplinary regime of the financial advice profession.

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Market update - February 2018

As you may be aware, it has been a volatile time for markets both home and abroad which has rightfully raised concern for many investors. The US and Japanese shares have fallen approximately 10% from their highs to their recent lows , Eurozone shares have fallen 8%, Chinese shares have fallen 9% and Australian shares have lost 6%.

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Superannuation Changes Update - June 2017

Concessional contributions cap changes
For many clients, super remains a highly tax-effective structure through which to hold investments. However, current contributions caps and the changes taking place in a few weeks mean that planning ahead over the longer term is the best way to maximise the benefits of super.

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Christmas Update - December 2016

Seasons Greetings one and all.

Like most years, 2016 has been another eventful year. From the concerning, with 30 million (plus) people in the United Kingdom voting in a referendum to leave the EU – a vote in which a whopping 52% people voting in favour of leaving EU ('Brexit') and only 48% people negating the exit strategy.

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Centrelink Update - December 2016

As you will know, on 1 January 2017 there will be changes to the assets test for calculating Centrelink pensions. These changes to the assets test may affect your age pension payment. Many clients are now receiving the Centrelink letter informing them of the impact to their age pension.

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Trump Elected - November 2016

U.S. Voters wanted change and they now have it. Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the United States with the Republican Party likely retaining control of the House, and probably the Senate. This means President Trump’s policies could have a slim margin of support in Congress. The win for Donald Trump highlights the feeling of dissatisfaction among middle class America.

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We are up and running - October 2016

Following on from our update last week, we are happy to inform you we have re-instated our communications at Suite 1, 3 Barker Avenue. Our emails are now working and starting today, it is business as usual. We aim to respond to the back log of emails throughout the day.

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Relocation Update - October 2016

As you are aware, we have moved location to Suite 1, 3 Barker Avenue, Como. The time and date of our relocation was directly linked to when the NBN team could relocate our telephony & internet services.

Unfortunately there have been significant behind the scenes issues with Optus and the NBN team and since yesterday our email service has been inoperative. Optus & the NBN team are working on the issue and have informed us that our service will be back up and running in 24 - 48 hours.

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